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Patitifa Shop is a shop specializing in Polynesian skincare and cosmetic products.

White hibiscus from Patitifa Shop, Polynesian beauty products shop
Patitifa Shop, Made in Tahiti - Polynesian organic beauty products

The brand available in our shop presents an art of life from Polynesia and its islands, it is developing on a large scale for the local and international market. Merging Polynesian Tradition and modern in the field of care, cosmeceuticals, health and well-being is a reality made in Tahiti and its islands / made in Fenua.

To be, stay and live in good health and in joy, this brand is committed to devoting the thousand-year-old traditions and the secrets of the Polynesians to create products and services of high quality, for beauty and good health, natural , ORGANIC, innovative, respectful of Man and the environment.

In the ancestral tradition, all the ingredients are collected by hand to give wonderful and prodigious natural and organic care. Then inspired by nature, traditional knowledge and modern techniques, the active ingredients of the ingredients of the plants of the land and the sea of Tahiti and its islands, are assembled to create and offer products of natural and organic quality.

From this Polynesian brand were born these luxury and quality products, they are sold around the world, in pharmacies, perfumeries, specialty stores, organic / natural stores, spas, hairdressing salons, beauty salons. and aesthetics, hotels, cruise ships, airplanes of the Air Tahiti Nui fleet which serves the USA, Asia and the Pacific.


Natural and organic certifications of cosmetic products Patitifa Shop - Nîmes
  • MADE IN FENUA , the guarantee of origin MADE IN TAHITI set up by the employers' organizations of French Polynesia for consumers.

  • MONOI DE TAHITI APPELLATION D'ORIGINE , designation of origin like champagne and French wines , issued and controlled by the French and Polynesian authorities, reserved for monoi-based products made in Polynesia according to local, loyal and consistent practices, in accordance with to a regulatory process defined by the French and European administrations and recognized internationally.

  • BIOS , the assurance of a BIO COSMETICS INTERNATIONAL product identified by an independent European certification body, accredited IAF , whose primary objective is to ensure that cosmetics and care are evaluated from an allergological and toxicological point of view, safe, environmentally friendly and proven to be effective. It is about transparency and honesty in the selection of ingredients.

  • ECOCERT and COSMOS , natural raw materials recognized by an independent European and international body, with strong experience in cosmetic certifications.

  • SEA REEF SAFE , to protect the marine ecosystem, our products are based on natural UV filters, infused with vegetable oils and biodegradable. Zero oxybenzone, octixonate, benzophenone.

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