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During your first visit to the website, a cookie banner informs you that marketing, performance and analysis tracers can be placed on your computer and this banner allows you to make a choice  :


  • Accept all button  : the tracers are removed

  • Customize button  : allows you to manage your preferences to activate or not the trackers

You can also change your preferences regarding the use of  cookies in your browser settings:

- Safari

- Google Chrome

- Firefox

- iOs

Cookies likely to be present on the website

  • essential cookies: allow the activation of essential features such as security, identity verification and network management. These cookies cannot be disabled

  • Marketing cookies: these trackers are used to track the effectiveness of advertising in order to provide you with a better service and serve better ads based on your interests

  • functional cookies: collect data to remember your browsing choices

  • analytical cookies: help us understand how you interact with our site, discover errors and provide better overall analysis.


Types of cookies

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