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Tiare dry oil with Tahitian pearl

Organic Traditional Tahitian Monoi


Raw materials for treatments and massages, with a natural Tahitian pearl in the bottle.


This dry organic and NATURAL Tahitian monoi oil is made from the maceration of flowers, fruits, plants with their regenerating, pro and well aging principles and natural antioxidants.


Capacity: 120ml


Tiare dry oil, natural care for the whole family can be used pure or in your preparations (face, body, hair) throughout the day and all year ...

Add Tahitian Monoi to your foundation, lipstick, in the bath, in scrubs, creams, shampoos, balms, etc.


Also ideal for massages. Warm the monoi in your hands, close your eyes, breathe in the aromas then apply.

Emollient for the body, face, nails and hair, this Tiare oil is suitable for all skin types and all ages (adults, children, babies). Non-greasy texture.


Does not harm your swimming pools, and naturally protects you from UV rays.

Tiare dry oil with Tahitian pearl

  • Apply the dry oil on the face, body, hair regularly.

    Is used  for a  massage  daily of your  baby.

    To reduce dark circles, massage around the eyes in a circular fashion.

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